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At Vegas Family Chiropractic, our goal is to provide a variety of high-quality, non-invasive treatment options for a wide spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions. Explore the options below to see which one(s) may be best for you! Not sure? Book a free 10 minute consult to discuss your treatment options.



New Patient Visit   $175

All chiropractic patients must have a new patient visit prior to proceeding with chiropractic care in this office. At this initial visit, one of our chiropractic physicians will review your medical history and perform a physical examination to help determine a safe and effective treatment plan. You can expect this visit to last 30-50 minutes depending on the complexity of your condition(s). Typically, treatment will be provided on the same day as the examination unless further evaluation is needed to safely and effectively provide treatment. 

Ages: 0+

Re-Examination   $100

Haven't been seen in 2+ years? Or have you had significant health changes since your last visit? You may need a re-examination appointment. This appointment option is slightly longer than a routine visit and allows our team to update your history and re-evaluate the safety and efficacy of chiropractic care for your condition(s). You can expect this visit to last 20-30 minutes.

Ages: 0+

Established Patient Visit - Adjustment only   $60

These appointments are reserved for established chiropractic patients only. This means you have successfully completed the new patient visit and seeking a routine appointment for a chiropractic adjustment. You can expect this visit to last 10-15 minutes.

Ages: 0+

Established Patient Visit - Adjustment + therapy   $70

These appointments are reserved for established chiropractic patients only. This means you have successfully completed the new patient visit and seeking a routine appointment for a chiropractic adjustment with an added therapeutic modality at your visit. Added therapies include muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, paraffin bath, or kinesiotape application. Your treating provider will help determine which therapy is best for your condition(s). You can expect this visit to last 15-25 minutes.

Ages: 0+ 

Therapeutic Modalities   $15 each

Therapeutic modalities include a variety of added treatment options which may add benefit to your chiropractic treatment. Each therapy (outlined below) has unique benefits and risks. If you are interested in trying one or more therapeutic modalities, but not sure where to start, book a free 10 minute consult or discuss with your treating provider at your next chiropractic visit. You can expect these visits to last 10-20 minutes.

Muscle Stimulation

Reserved for established chiropractic patients only. Relax tight or overworked muscles using electro-therapy. Session includes 1-2 areas, ice or heat, and optional use of roller table. Cannot be used if you have a pacemaker or other electrical implant. Mulscle stimulation is not generally recommended for children.

Paraffin Therapy

Great for hand and/or wrist pain or stiffness. Paraffin therapy uses hot paraffin wax. Hands are dipped into the wax and then wrapped for 10 minutes to allow the heat to penetrate the joints. After unwrapping, you'll be left with decreased pain and inflammation, improved mobility and warm, soft hands. Paraffin therapy should be avoided if you have diminished sensation in your hands.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Reserved for established chiropractic patients only. Provides deep heat to soft tissues using ultrasonic wave therapy. Great for increasing circulation, speeding up the healing process, and decreasing pain. Session includes 1-2 areas. Ultrasound is not generally recommended for children or adolescents.

Tape Application

Kinesiotape is a safe treatment option for muscle spasm, joint pain or injury rehabilitation. This stretchy athletic tape provides support without limitation, making it a great alternative to a restrictive brace. Safe to use during pregnancy and for all ages. Session includes taping of 1-2 areas and includes tape. Bring your own tape to save 50% off your session fee.



Stretch Session


These one-on-one assisted stretch sessions are designed to provide an additional option for chronically tight muscles. Please wear comfortable, stretchy and/or loose-fitting clothing for these sessions so the therapist can easily move you through the necessary motions without clothing restriction. You can expect these sessions to last approximately 25 minutes for upper or lower body and 50 minutes for full body stretch.

Ages: 16+

Upper Body Stretch   $60

Lower Body Stretch   $60

Full Body Stretch     $120

Mini Rehab Session   $35

These mini sessions include a brief examination by a qualified provider (chiropractic physician or physical therapist) followed by a variety of assisted modalities (i.e. cupping, scraping, tape, percussion massage tool) based on your individual needs. You can expect these sessions to last 15-25 minutes.

Ages: 12+


Therapeutic Massage


These sessions include a variety of massage techniques (i.e. Swedish, deep tissue, etc.). Therapeutic massage is a great option for full body work, prenatal massage, relaxation massage, etc. Immediately prior to your massage session, you will have a brief opportunity to meet with the licensed massage therapist to discuss your needs/preferences for your session. The therapist will then leave the room so you can undress to your comfort level and lay down under the sheet and blanket. You will stay appropriately covered for the duration of your session. Therapeutic massage sessions are "full length", which means we do not count your undressing/dressing time in your session time. 

Ages: 12+

**Minor patients require a parent/guardian chaperone

30 minutes   $  50

60 minutes   $100

90 minutes   $150

Myofascial Mini Session

These sessions are intended to provide more focused muscle work where you need it most. More reminiscent of sports massage, these sessions are a great option for a localized area of discomfort or when recovering from an injury. Patients generally stay fully clothed for these sessions, so please dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for your appointment. 

Ages: 12+

20 minutes   $30

40 minutes   $60

Dry Needlig


Functional dry needling is a therapeutic treatment procedure that utilizes thin, solid filament needles to deactivate and desensitize trigger points in muscles. Myofascial trigger points are knots in muscles that can contribute to pain, decreased flexibility and decreased muscle function. Sometimes an electrical stimulation device is attached to the needles for added benefit.

Dry Needling is a great option for: chronic muscle tension, tendonitis, headaches/migraines, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, neck pain, back pain, jaw pain and more.

CAUTION: Patients on anti-coagulant therapy (i.e. blood thinners) are not a good candidate for dry needling.

Initial Visit   $125

   Includes exam & treatment

Follow Up - Needling Only

   1-2 regions   $55

   3+ regions    $65

Follow Up - Needling w/ Stim

   1-2 regions   $70

   3+ regions    $80

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