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Below is a collection of products commonly recommended by the Vegas Family Chiropractic team. There is no guarantee that these products will work for your individual condition. If you are an existing patient and unsure about the safety or effectiveness of a product listed below, please schedule a consultation for further discussion. 

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ProStretch Plus

Great for Plantar Fasciitis, foot pain, calf and leg tightness/stiffness, ankle/foot mobility and general stretching.


Portable E-Stim + TENS unit. Great for at-home injury recovery, overactive muscles, low back pain, joint pain & more. 

TENS 7000

TENS units are great for affordable on-the-go pain relief. An excellent choice for simple pain control or management.

Rocktape Reg.jpeg

RockTape kinesiology tape is an industry leader in quality and affordability. Available in 3 adhesive levels (gentle, regular, extra-sticky), there is an option for everyone. RockTape is composed of cotton/nylon blend with hypoallergenic adhesive and is water & sweat-proof.

Regular adhesive is sufficient for most people. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend a patch test prior to regular use. Available in a continuous roll (16.4') or pre-cut (20 pre-cut strips).

Gentle adhesive is recommended for special populations (infants, young children, pregnant women, those with frail/thin skin, extreme skin sensitivity). Available in a continuous roll (16.4').

Extra-sticky adhesive is only recommended for use on certain body parts (feet, hands) or for individuals involved in water-based sports (swimming, diving, etc.). Extra-sticky adhesive can cause irritation if used on sensitive skin.

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RockSauce Topical Roll On

RockSauce topical roll on provides both heating and cooling relief for muscle aches and pains. A unique blend of capsaician and menthol provide benefits of both hot and cold healing. Convenient roll on application makes it an easy on-the-go option. Use in conjunction with RockTape or as a stand-alone topical.

Biofreeze Tube.jpeg
Biofreeze Spray.jpeg
Biofreeze Professional Topical

Biofreeze has been a trusted name in topical pain relief for decades. This fast-acting menthol gel provides temporary relief of muscle and joint pain. Available in roll on, spray, and gel tube application.

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Cold Pack.jpeg
Core Products Cold Pack

Available in a variety of sizes to meet your individual needs. These cold packs stay soft and flexible for easy day-to-day use. While these can be used for heat therapy as well, we find that they work best as cold packs. Keep in the freezer for easy use. Traveling? Pop one of these cold packs in a plastic bag and in the cooler for cold therapy on the go!

Heat Pack.jpeg
Core Products MicroBeads Moist Heat Pack

Available in a variety of sizes to meet your individual needs. These heat packs stay soft and flexible for easy day-to-day use. Pop in the microwave for easy heating.

Looking for other recommendations

If you come across a product but not sure it'll be right for you? Or looking for something but not quite sure where to start your search? Send us an email ( and we will do our best to help you find what you're looking for!

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